What is the AAPCC?

Dec 20, 2019

Welcome to the informative page dedicated to educating you about the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC). As a leading provider in health and geriatric care, the Iowa Poison Control Center, a division of Regency Square Care Center, is committed to educating individuals on poison prevention, providing crucial information in emergency situations, and collaborating with national efforts in poison control.

Understanding the AAPCC

The AAPCC is a nonprofit organization that represents the poison control centers across the United States. With its headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia, the AAPCC serves as a national resource for poison control, managing a 24/7 hotline that connects individuals with certified specialists who offer immediate assistance in case of a poisoning emergency.

Poison control centers, such as the Iowa Poison Control Center, work under the guidance of the AAPCC to provide accurate and up-to-date poison prevention information, promote safe practices, and respond swiftly in emergencies. The AAPCC also serves as a central hub for collecting poison-related data, conducting research, and implementing quality improvement measures to enhance poison control services nationwide.

Role of the Iowa Poison Control Center

As a division of Regency Square Care Center, the Iowa Poison Control Center is dedicated to promoting poison prevention, education, and emergency response within the local community. With highly trained and certified professionals, the center provides round-the-clock assistance to individuals who have come in contact with toxic substances or face poisoning emergencies.

Poison Prevention & Education

Our dedicated team at the Iowa Poison Control Center actively engages in poison prevention and education initiatives. We work closely with schools, healthcare providers, and community organizations to raise awareness about the potential dangers of toxic substances and implement preventive measures.

Through various educational programs, workshops, and community events, we equip individuals of all ages with essential knowledge on how to identify potential hazards, safely store chemicals and medications, and respond appropriately in case of accidental poison exposure.

Emergency Response & Assistance

In the event of a poisoning incident, the Iowa Poison Control Center is readily available to provide immediate assistance. Our certified poison specialists are trained to handle a wide range of poisoning emergencies, including accidental ingestion, chemical burns, or exposure to hazardous materials.

Upon receiving a call through our 24/7 hotline, our experienced staff guide individuals and healthcare professionals through proper first aid measures, recommend appropriate treatments, and determine the need for medical intervention. By offering prompt and accurate guidance, we aim to minimize potential harm and ensure the best possible outcome for every poisoning case.

The Importance of AAPCC Collaboration

The Iowa Poison Control Center recognizes the significance of collaborating with the AAPCC and other poison control centers nationwide. Through active participation in national poison control initiatives, we contribute to the ongoing development of poison prevention strategies, public health policies, and research efforts aimed at reducing the incidence and impact of poison-related incidents.

Our collaboration ensures the consistent sharing of knowledge, best practices, and innovative approaches to poison control, benefiting both local communities and the broader healthcare landscape. The Iowa Poison Control Center remains committed to upholding the highest standards of poison prevention, education, and emergency response, aligning with the AAPCC's mission to promote health and safety.


In conclusion, the AAPCC is a crucial organization that spearheads poison control efforts at both regional and national levels. The Iowa Poison Control Center, operating under the guidance of the AAPCC, plays a vital role in preventing poison-related incidents, providing education, and ensuring prompt emergency response.

Regency Square Care Center is proud to house the Iowa Poison Control Center division, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in health, geriatric care, and community well-being. Together with the AAPCC, we strive to create a safe environment where individuals can access the necessary resources and expert guidance they need to prevent and handle poison-related situations effectively.

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Nov 12, 2023
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