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Mar 15, 2021

Regency Square Care Center - Providing Exceptional Geriatric and Aging Care

Welcome to the Contact page of Regency Square Care Center, Iowa's trusted provider of top-notch geriatric and aging care services. We prioritize the well-being and safety of our residents, and our team at the Iowa Poison Control Center is readily available to handle any concerns you may have. Contact us today for expert assistance!

Get in Touch with Regency Square Care Center

Whether you are a prospective resident, a concerned family member, or a healthcare professional, Regency Square Care Center is here to help. Our dedicated team understands the unique needs of elderly individuals and strives to offer personalized care solutions.

To reach us, you can:

  • Give us a call at [Phone Number], and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.
  • Visit our facility located at [Address], where you can explore our state-of-the-art facilities and meet our compassionate team in person.
  • Fill out the contact form below, and we will get back to you promptly.

Comprehensive Geriatric and Aging Care

At Regency Square Care Center, we specialize in offering comprehensive geriatric and aging care services. Our team of highly skilled professionals comprises experienced physicians, nurses, and therapists dedicated to improving the quality of life for our residents. We understand the physical, emotional, and social challenges faced by seniors and provide tailored care plans to address their specific needs.

Our range of services includes:

  • 24/7 medical supervision and care
  • Assisted living and independent living options
  • Nutrition and dietary guidance
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs
  • Memory care for individuals with dementia
  • Emotional support and counseling
  • Social activities and recreational programs
  • Medication management
  • And much more

Contact Iowa Poison Control Center for Expert Advice

As part of our commitment to ensuring the utmost safety of our residents, Regency Square Care Center houses the Iowa Poison Control Center. This specialized division provides immediate assistance and guidance in case of poisoning emergencies or potential exposure to toxic substances.

If you suspect a case of poisoning or have concerns about the safety of a resident, don't hesitate to contact the Iowa Poison Control Center. Our highly trained experts are available round the clock to provide professional advice, assess the situation, and guide you through the necessary steps to ensure the well-being of the affected individual.

Please note that in case of a medical emergency, you should always dial your local emergency number immediately.

Choose Regency Square Care Center for Unparalleled Geriatric Care

Regency Square Care Center takes pride in being a leader in the field of geriatric and aging care in Iowa. With our extensive range of services, compassionate staff, and commitment to excellence, we provide a homely and nurturing environment for our residents.

By choosing Regency Square Care Center, you can rest assured that your loved ones will receive the highest quality care possible. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs or to schedule a tour of our facility. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your family!

Bryan Kenville
Such a reliable resource for dealing with poison-related concerns! 🌿🚨 Quick response and expert assistance guaranteed.
Oct 7, 2023