A Day in the Life of a PT Student at On With Life

Oct 13, 2018


Welcome to Regency Square Care Center, a trusted name in Health - Geriatric and Aging Care. In this article, we invite you to experience a day in the life of a Physical Therapy (PT) student at our renowned facility - On With Life. Join us on this immersive journey of learning, empathy, and growth, as we delve into the fascinating world of geriatric care.

Morning Routine

As a PT student at On With Life, your day begins bright and early. The morning routine typically starts with attending lectures and engaging in interactive discussions with experienced faculty members. These sessions focus on the principles of geriatric care, rehabilitation techniques, and patient assessment skills. You'll gain valuable insights into the diverse needs of aging individuals and how to tailor treatment plans accordingly.

Hands-On Learning

At On With Life, learning is not limited to the classroom. We firmly believe in hands-on experience, which plays a pivotal role in developing your practical skills. During the day, you'll have the opportunity to shadow experienced physical therapists as they work directly with our patients. This immersive learning experience enables you to understand the nuances of geriatric care, observe therapeutic exercises, and learn the importance of personalized treatment plans.

Working with Patients

Interacting with patients is an integral part of your journey as a PT student. Under the guidance of seasoned therapists, you'll actively participate in patient assessments, setting goals, and creating customized care plans. Whether it's rehabilitating after surgery, managing chronic pain, or improving mobility and balance, you'll witness the transformational power of physical therapy firsthand.

Collaboration with Multidisciplinary Team

Regency Square Care Center is committed to providing holistic care to our patients. As a PT student, you'll collaborate with a team of healthcare professionals, including occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, nurses, and social workers. This interdisciplinary approach fosters comprehensive care and allows you to understand the broader aspects of geriatric health management.

Continuing Education and Research

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond basic education. On With Life facilitates continuous learning opportunities for PT students. Regular workshops, seminars, and conferences are organized, enabling you to stay updated with the latest advancements in the field. By actively participating in research projects, you'll contribute to the ongoing development of geriatric care and make a lasting impact on the lives of aging individuals.

Embracing Empathy and Growth

At Regency Square Care Center, we prioritize not only the physical well-being of our patients but also their emotional and psychological needs. As a PT student, you'll develop essential qualities like empathy, compassion, and patience. You'll witness the resilience of the human spirit and develop a deeper understanding of the unique challenges faced by our aging population.


By now, you have gained a glimpse into the enriching journey of a PT student at On With Life. Here, education goes beyond theory, incorporating immersive learning experiences, collaborations, and continuous growth. Our commitment to providing top-tier geriatric care ensures that you'll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a remarkable difference in the lives of aging individuals.

Come and be a part of Regency Square Care Center's legacy. Embark on a path that combines passion, education, and profound impact. Join us at On With Life and be prepared to shape the future of geriatric and aging care.

Birhanu Gona
This sounds like an incredible opportunity to dive into the world of geriatric care and experience the daily life of a PT student at On With Life. Can't wait to join this immersive journey!
Oct 12, 2023